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No user resposed " Toyota Recall: Does This Memory Problem Affect Your Toyota??? "

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January 28 2010

Good tips! I found that yelling or waving my hands at our Toyota merely made it whimper and leave a puddle of anti-freeze underneath itself. I was riddled with guilt. Now I know why.

January 28 2010

Oh thank god Scions are not part of this. I’d hate for a box on wheels made of flimsy metal and plastic to reject me. Something with a decent crash-test rating would be ok, though.

January 31 2010

Thanks for the humour.

A very bad blow for Toyota … let’s hope they get themselves out of this mess soon!

If Arnold is thinking of a sequel to Total Recall, this might be an idea.

August 13 2010

All I can say to the tongue in cheek above is that I am glad I do not have a car that has dementia. Tammy