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World War Trump

by on May.31, 2016, under Humor

What the one with initials DT, so reminiscent of Delerium Tremens, actually wants from his Trumpresidency, is this: To Have It Out With Fucking Everybody.

You got it. World War Trump.

Nothing intrinsically wrong in that, it’s our choice. Other civilizations in this galaxy and on this earth have collapsed. La De Dah.

The tea leaves have been read, brinksmanship fans. They spell a path to an unstable fascist dictator who has changed the language from ‘treat me fairly’ to mean, ‘give me whatever I want, now.’

He rails against Political Correctness but has learned to exploit the fact that the meaning of Political Correctness itself has been changed: You cannot speak against Me. No, future-buffs. The 1984 we’re looking at for 2017 will see people arrested for not treating the Trumpster fairly, as in, making some negative opinion comment about him. In the privacy of your idiotic iPhone.

If we all chose to invite the snoopers into our lives by adopting that barely-finished technology, we can invite the jackboots as well.

It’s easy to repeal the First Amendment with the right Supreme Court. Look at what the Court did to it in 1960!

A society gets the kind of rule it deserves. Always true. Oh well.

Tick, Tick, Tick…

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